About Us

    Hebei Liancheng Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd., is located in Yongji Road, Xinhua District, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, 78, professional production of corrugated hose, plastic hose, nylon hose, threading hoses, cables hoses, plastic coated metal hose, galvanized hose, stainless steel hose, explosion-proof braided hose, hose connectors, cable connectors, waterproof connectors, metal fittings, galvanized fittings, tighten the connectors, quick connectors, shields, machine guards, organ protective cover, guard rails, steel shield, stainless steel protective cover, cylinder guard, screw shields, screw shields, cylinder protective sleeve, flexible organ dust cloth folding, aluminum type of protective screens, automatic retractable protective belt, towline, steel towline, steel and aluminum towline, plastic towline, nylon towline, machine towline, engineering towline, industrial towline, stainless steel towline, cable drag chains, wire towline, threading tow chain, metallurgy towline, closed towline, bridge towline, semi-closed towline, JR-2 type rectangular metal hose, DGT catheter protective kits, work lights, machine work lights, halogen work lights, waterproof fluorescent work lights, explosion proof work lights, horn, machine vibration mounts, machine adjustment horn, inflatable vibration mounts, machine chip conveyor, chain plate conveyor, scraper type chip conveyor, screw-type chip conveyor magnetic chip conveyor, machine hand wheels, handles, handles, handle, machine operator, adjustable plastic cooling pipe, metal cooling, scraping plates, T-slot plate collision block, scraping the oil film, ventilation vacuum tubes machine tool accessories import and export business and enterprise producing products and technologies.
    Companies adhere to the "development and development, quality of survival, to the credibility of extension market" for the purpose. Has a technical staff with expertise in the design, production is strong. The company with a good reputation, foreign brands of domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors throughout the utmost support and sincere cooperation. Due to high precision, long life, with a strong competitive edge, is the quality of import and domestic prices of best practices.
    Production of Three Guarantees quality of our products and lifetime maintenance, variety, timely delivery. If you do not understand what the installation, or have any suggestions, please contact me.